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About Us

Ladera Business Solutions is a Missouri based merchant sales and service organization that provides electronic transaction processing to businesses nationwide.  With over 50 years combined experience, we provide our partners and customers a superior product with superior service.


Our mission is "To provide what other companies only promise."

Our Promise

It's our promise to you to fully disclose all of our rates and fees during the application process, while providing you with a merchant account that fits your needs, not ours.

A relationship with Ladera Business Solutions provides you with the following advantages:


  • Superior, Experienced Customer Service

  • Competitive & Flexible Pricing Structures

  • Personal Merchant Contact & Training

  • Flexible Equipment Pricing Plans

  • Ability to Customize Programs

  • "Communicate Before Crisis"


Our dedication to providing your company with the best possible service is what separates us from the competition.



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